Watermelon – Is it Good for Weight Loss?

Watermelon is truly one of most underrated fruits. It is bright, it has a great taste and it is refreshing – but somehow still it doesn’t have all the “PR” other more popular fruits have. However for us in the nutrition world, being tasty isn’t enough to be considered “good for weight loss”, or else the only food we would be eating is Ben&Jerry’s ice cream. So, is watermelon good for weight loss?

However before answering that question, we should first understand how weight loss works.

The Basics of Weight Loss.

Weight loss is actually a very simple process to understand. The fat your body stores is its energy reserve, which you’ve accumulated when you have eaten more than burned throughout the day. So in order to deplete your fat stores, you should do exactly the opposite – burn more than you consume. 

There are many ways to burn more calories than you consume, such as using natural weight loss supplements like Tea Burn and exercising, but in terms of food you can lower your caloric consumption by eating foods that contain less calories. 

So, now that we understood how weight loss works, let’s go back to watermelons!

Watermelon’s Nutrition:

First, lets look at the macros of Watermelon:

Calories (per 100 gram): 30
Protein: 0.6 grams
Carbs: 7.6 grams
Fat: 0.2 grams

Protein powder is mostly composed of water (91%), which affects it very positively in terms of making it a very low calorie density food. Even when compared to other fruits like apples, which aren’t calorie dense, watermelon beats them by a big margin. You can literally eat 2 pounds of watermelon, which is enough to fill almost anyone, for only 300 calories!

The downside is that watermelon isn’t rich in protein, which is a nutrient we should especially be particular about consuming on a weight loss diet, to prevent our body from “eating away” at our muscles. However this is insignificant, as you can easily compensate for that by consuming enough protein in your other meals.

Watermelon for Weight Loss: Micronutrients

Watermelon is a great source of Vitamin C, 100 grams of the fruit containing 13% of your daily required value for the Vitamin. Vitamin C is one of the key elements in supporting your immune system.

Surprisingly, Watermelon contains a significant amount of Citrulline, a compound that was shown to lower blood pressure by expanding your arteries, and have a beneficial effect on your kidneys, reproductive system and heart.

Watermelon juice had another unexpected effect on the human body – it was shown to reduce insulin resistance (source) , a leading cause of diabetes.

So, is Watermelon good for Weight Loss?

Watermelon is an amazing food for weight loss. Personally, I consume it when I have sweet cravings instead of consuming actual sweets that are loaded with calories. For a caloric “price” of a candy bar you can eat a whole 2 pounds of watermelon!

So, enjoy your watermelons!

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