Top 3 Best Weight Gain Supplements (and Tricks)

There are two types of people in this world: those who struggle to lose weight and those who struggle to gain weight. However for some reason, we tend to talk about about weight loss, and forget about people who try to gain weight. Today I am ending this unjust discrimination, and I will present 3 Supplements that will make your weight gain so much easier. But first, we have to go over the mechanics of weight gain, and these are the two words you must remember:

Caloric Surplus

You might have heard these two words a lot if you are struggling to gain weight, but really there is no way around that – you have to eat more than you burn. For example, if you burn 2500 Calories a day, and you eat 3000 Calories, you will gain weight. Fortunately for you if you struggle to eat, there are weight gain supplements that can make it just so much easier. So, let’s dive in:

Gainers as a Weight Gain Supplement

Gainers are a Meal Replacement Supplement – basically a powder that contains most necessary elements of a regular meal – protein, carbs, and fat. However because you consume it in a liquid form, by mixing it with milk or water, it is far easier to consumer than a regular meal.

If you are concerned by the taste – let me reassure you. Gainers taste like a delicious milkshake, and the flavor depends on the gainer you buy: Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Strawberry… among many others.

Calorie wise, they range from 300 to 1500 Calories per serving, which basically means you can get 20-75% of a normal person’s daily caloric intake (~2000 calories) from one single shake.

I don’t recommend you buy some fancy gainer, because it is not worth it. The “Serious Mass” Gainer by ON is only worth around 45$ and has 1250 Calories in one serving, and it is more than enough to supplement your weight gain.

Oil as a Weight Gain Supplement

This one is a trick that will significantly help you with your meals – supplementing with oil. Just eat your regular meal – but add two tablespoons of Olive oil to your rice or pasta. You won’t even feel the difference, but just this small trick is worth an extra 220 calories (11% of a regular person’s daily calorie intake).

You don’t have to just add olive oil. Try adding a knob of butter to your coffee! This is a famous Keto way of making your coffee – and it adds a bunch of calories that you don’t even notice.

Keto for Weight Gain

Although this is not a supplement, keto should be another tool in your arsenal for weight gain, for mainly two reasons.

The first reason is that keto makes it easy to eat a bunch of food, as the food it includes is way more “calorie dense”. This basically means that it is much easier to eat a small 300-calorie steak than an a huge 300-calorie salad, because it has way less volume.

The second reason is muscle gain. Most people don’t want to strictly gain weight by gaining only fat – they want to gain some muscle too. Because keto is a protein rich diet, you can even grow some muscle as a beginner without exercising – just by increasing your protein intake and eating keto.

Eating Keto is really not hard. I advice you answer a quiz from CustomKetoDiet, and receive your own Custom Keto Diet Plan, which will make the whole weight gain process that much easier.

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