3 Foods that Melt Fat – What are they?

We all want to lose fat while eating things, don’t we? It is like “earning money while spending” – a win-win situation. This is why lately we see more and more chatter about foods that “melt fat”, but is that real, and if so, what are they?

First of all, lets define what do we mean by foods that “melt fat”. By that, I mean foods that have an effect on increasing fat oxidation (scientific term for melting fat).

So, what are these foods?

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar: Many of us saw fitness/nutrition “influencers” advocating for apple cider vinegar for weight loss, but does it have any real effect? Turns out, yes. Acetic acid, that is contained in Apple Cider Vinegar, is shown to have a positive effect on the metabolism. A study done on rats has shown that it increases the production of enzymes in the body that increase the metabolism (proof). Aside from that, another study done on mice has shown that Acetic Acid increases the amount of genes responsible for melting fat.

    You can buy your own Apple Cider Vinegar, and prepare yourself, but it is quite a hassle since you have to dilute it in the correct proportions. If you want to avoid that, I recommend Puradrop, easy to consume Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies that are easy to take, and will yield the fastest results.

  2. Hot Peppers: Turns out Sriracha and Tobasco consumers knew something most of us didn’t – capsaicin, the compound that is responsible for hot peppers being “hot” increases the metabolism. So next time you are eating some chicken, fish or beef – consider topping it off by some hot sauce!

  3. Green Tea: Not only is it a drink I consumed when I was out of calories for the day, but turns out it also melts fat away! Green Tea has a enzyme called EGCG – which is shown to have multiple weigh loss effects. For example, consuming EGCG is shown to increase your metabolic rate by 4-8% (proof). Another study has shown that in a group of 60 obese men, ones that consumed green tea extract have lost ~7 pounds (3.5 kg) more than the group that didn’t, over the course of 3 months.

    Although 4-8% might not seem huge, combined with other elements that melt fat it can have a very significant effect. Some supplements like Tea Burn (link) create a powerful weight loss effect by combining properties of Green Tea with other Natural Compounds that melt fat.

If you want to read about the possibility burning belly fat overnight, read my recent article here!

Lose Belly Fat Overnight – Is this Possible? How To Do It?

First and foremost, it really depends what kind of “losing belly fat overnight” you are talking about. How much belly fat? Lose entirely? How much time do you have?

So let’s slow down a notch, and discuss this issue. Most likely, you had one too many ice cream sandwiches lately, and developed some belly fat. This is the moment you realize, that tomorrow you have some social venue where you want to look nice, and this belly fat just isn’t fitting the look, and you want to lose it overnight. Correct?

Bad news: This is not going anywhere overnight. Good news, there is still things you can do to make it way less visible.

Start Fasting.

Look, I am not here to make you feel good about yourself, I am here to help you look achieve your goal.

Truth is, if you have less than 24 hours to appear at some social venue, fasting can really help you appear slimmer, and this is why you need to learn a new term – Glycogen. Glycogen is the way your body stores carbs inside your cells – the problem with that is that every gram of glycogen you store attaches itself to 3-4 grams of water, making you look more bloated. Cleansing your body of glycogen will make you look slimmer, as you will lose all the bloat.

I, personally have done this and have noticed a striking change in appearance after one, 24 hour, wet (drinking allowed) fast. So stop consuming food until the event, and enjoy in the meanwhile black coffees, teas, zero-cal sodas… anything without calories.

Wear dark colors and vertical stripes

I am not a fashion blogger, I am a health blogger, okay? But although I can’t directly help you with lose belly fat overnight, using the correct color on your clothes can really help you achieve that look.

This being said, I know that dark colors make you look slimmer than others. Black is a great color for the job, yes, but other unusual colors like dark green, dark blue and others can do the same job without making you look so formal.

Vertical Stripes (ones that go up and down) are also great at this job, “stretching” your body – making you appear taller, and hiding your flaws and extra pounds.

Now that I’ve exceed the amount of lines that I can shamelessly write on a field that is not my area of expertise, I’d advise you to consult this article from Monroe&Main that are way more knowledgeable in fashion

Keto Dietbest diet for losing belly fat.

This is not something that will help you lose fat overnight. But do you really want to forever look in the mirror and not like what you see? Keto is proven to be the best diet for losing specifically belly fat (proof here), as it firstly targets fat cells in your belly.

Aside from that, Keto is a sworn foe of our old friend Glycogen, as this diet doesn’t include carbs. This means that by cleansing your body from Glycogen, you can lose up to 4 pounds in the first couple of days!

Thirdly and most importantly, Keto is delicious. Rice cakes are great, yeah, but I’d much rather eat steaks and salmon, or other protein-rich foods that fit my personal needs. I advice you to go do This simple quiz about your lifestyle and preferences, and get your own Custom Keto Diet Plan, and start changing how you look in the long run.

How to Lose Weight in Your Face? Make your Face Less Bloated.

This is how much even a little bloat can change your face

Not having a lean face can be very annoying, especially when you see all these Vogue models with sharp cheek bones. You look in the mirror, and imagine yourself with a lean face – is that a realistic goal? Yes, and No.

So, what makes your face “puffy”?

Water, and Fat. Yes – the unfortunate truth of life is that your face also stores fat, and aside from burning it, there is nothing we can do about it. Even worse, as we should all know by now, there is no way to lose fat in a targeted manner. Meaning, there is no way to try to lose fat in your face only.

Water – this is another substance our cells store. The substance that keeps water in your body is called glycogen, and basically it is the way we store carbs we haven’t consumed. (For a more in-depth explanation, check out this article from Healthline) Just for your understanding, every single gram of glycogen holds on to 3-4 grams of water, so in a regular human, there is around 1-2 kilograms (2-4 pounds) of pure glycogen water weight. And this, is what we can use for quick weight loss.

The Plan for losing weight quickly

First and foremost, you should get rid of glycogen in your system. How can you go about doing that? Stop consuming Carbs (in big quantities) – embrace a Keto Diet, which only includes low-carb foods, so your body gets rid of all the water it stores.

Even without being in a caloric deficit, only within 3 days to a week, you will get rid of all the water weight that was stored in your body, which equals to 1-2 kilograms. This is actually a great solution if you have a trip somewhere and want to look great in photos, or have to fit in clothes of a smaller size for some occasion, like a wedding.

Keto is not a harsh diet, as it includes tasty foods, such as steaks, cheese, and dairy (among others) and it still lose those kilograms in a matter of days! Now, aside of water weight, you also lose fat, if you stay in a caloric deficit.

To get a good diet plan, you can contact a dietician, or answer a personal quiz and get a custom Keto Diet Plan from here.

Best Foot/Nail Fungus Treatments:

Foot Fungus can be a very awkward and unsettling problem for anyone. Being in a social setting where you have to take off your shoes and your feet smelling bad is really a nightmare scenario for anyone. So, if you have foot fungus, you better get a treatment quick. But before getting to that, let’s get one thing straight:

What is foot fungus, and how do you get it?

A Foot or Nail Fungus, is as it sounds – a Fungal Infection – a microscropic mushroom that grows on the foot and causes all the negative effects, such as a bad smell, itching, and the crumbling of the nail.

The fungi develop in warm, humid places, and love to inhabit pool or gym locker rooms, or other humid places where many people walk barefoot. This is also the reason why Foot Fungus can spread like wildfire, and affect many people the moment someone brought it to a public place.

But you don’t have to go to anywhere to develop it – if you rarely change your socks, or often wear tight shoes foot fungus will be glad to settle in there and infect your feet.

What is the best Treatment?

As Fungus settles the top layer of skin and nail, the best type of treatment for foot fungus are Oils and Creams, that are applied on top of your skin.

My personal recommendation is Kerassentials, as it not only eliminates fungus but also strengthens your skin and nails, and prevents it from appearing ever again. It is also made from natural elements that are not toxic to your body, unlike many other treatments

Check out Kerassentials Natural Treatment Here

Other options include creams like Lamisil, but I would consult a doctor before using them as they have a strong effect on the body, and can also influence internal organs including the liver.

Comparing 3 Ways for Turning your Teeth from Yellow to White (At Home and Not)

Make Your Teeth White Again

Afraid of smiling on Instagram pictures because of yellow teeth? It’s all good – you are not alone. Here are 3 ways you can go about fixing that, at Home and Not: Teeth Whitening Kits, Whitening Pills, and Dental Whitening Operations

Teeth Whitening Kits: Cheapest Solution, Don’t Last a Long Time

Whitening Kits work by bleaching the surface of your tooth. You see, certain foods stain the outside of your tooth. For example – if you are a drinker of coffee, or black tea the external part of your tooth, the enamel will be stained by these drinks. 

Usually, whitening kits use Hydrogen Peroxide to bleach the outside of your tooth. This is a safe compound, however the solution will be temporary, The whole whitening process only takes a couple minutes, but your teeth will go back to its usual state when you resume consuming your usual food.

The Kits usually come with special toothbrushes (whitening requires to have your teeth extra clean before starting the process)  and an Ultraviolet lamp which helps accelerate the process

Teeth Whitening Pills: The wholesome approach

Your teeth don’t only become yellow because of staining. Bacteria that lives in your mouth produces acid that dissolves and thins out the white enamel, which exposes the center part of tooth, that has a yellow color.

Naturally People have a Microbiome – good bacteria that protect your teeth from bad bacteria, but in most modern people, their Microbiome was wiped out by commercial hygiene products or the modern diet. Teeth Whitening Pills help build it back and rebuild your enamel. Aside from that, they also contain whitening compounds that help you get rid of stains on your teeth just like Teeth Whitening Kits. 

My Personal Recommendation will be for Prodentim and Steel Bite, as they have been tested and have a lot of positive customer reviews praising them for whitening their white teeth back. 

Teeth Whitening Operations: Expensive & Old Fashioned

A Dental Whitening operation whitens your teeth exactly the same way a Whitening Kit does: Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching – but done by a professional. This is unnecessary, as you are dealing with harmless substances, and you really don’t need to pay 500-1000 dollars to get it done.

And even if you have the option of to do it once, do you really want to pay this every time your teeth lose their whiteness? 

Your Dog is Old or in Pain? Improve your Dog’s (or Cat’s) life – with CBD Oil!

CBD (Or Cannabidiol) Oil is a substance derived from Cannabis – a plant related to Marijuana. Although it is derived from Cannabis, it has no narcotic properties, and has many health benefits, not only for Humans, but also for Dogs!

Your dog doesn’t have to be Old or Sick, as this even has benefits for Dogs that are entirely healthy, as CBD improves the dog’s mood and prevents diseases in the first place!

So, what are the Benefits?

  1. Natural Painkiller: Because of its Calming and Soothing effects, CBD has proven to be a good natural painkiller for Dogs, supported by clinical studies. Many Dog owners report that their pets became way more active and forgot about their pain!
  2. Increased Energy: Healthy or Sick, CBD has shown to increase greatly the energy levels in dogs. Senior age dogs, after receiving a CBD oil treatment started behaving as young puppies.
  3. Seizure Prevention: CBD has shown to be an effective treatment in combatting Seizures and Epilepsy in Dogs. Especially comparing to alternatives – drugs containing heavy substances as phenobarbital and potassium bromide that don’t even work in 30% of cases.
  4. Improvement of Cognitive Function: CBD has shown to have a positive effect on Cognitive Function in both in Animals and People, slowing down dementia, and even restoring some mental activity.
  5. Joint Pain: It has been recorded that the use of CBD has a significant effect on Joint pain in dogs, that usually comes with old age. Many Dogs, that were very inactive and apathetic, regained their youthfulness and energy after they received the CBD treatment.

What is the Best CBD Oil to buy?

No Doubt, the best CBD Oil to buy is from ElleVet – they conducted research on their own products in partnership with Cornell University, and they only use healthy ingredients that won’t harm the pet.

They have CBD Oil in many forms, like Oil drops, capsules, and even chews – which make it so easy to feed you Pet with (especially chews).

Chef-Made Meal Kits Brought to your Door!

Keto, Vegan, or Diet? Choose your menu, receive the best meals from Martha Stewart straight to your door, and save time by not having to shop in the Supermarket!

Every meal kit comes with all necessary ingredients and spices measured out, and only takes around 30 minutes to prepare!

The Real Life Cheat Code for Weight loss

Why do many people that spend time in the kitchen and supermarket, struggle to slim down and lose weight?

I saw it with my own eyes happen to my family members. Face it – when you have to spend half of your day in the kitchen and the supermarket, you will snack.

Buying advertised junk when you go to the supermarket, licking peanut butter spoons, or even just snacking without a solid reason – aside from somehow acquiring a discipline of a Buddhist Monk, there is no real way to avoid snacking on food while staying hours in the kitchen and in the supermarket.

And despite what others might think, these calories do add up, and some 300 calories you consumed snacking, might slow down your weight loss, or even make you gain weight.

The Solution

But what can you do if you both need have food, and also want to lose weight? Hold up, there is a solution that might make weight loss so much easier – Healthy Ingredient Delivery. This alone solves three main problems, related to weight loss.

  1. You don’t have to spend time in the supermarket. The more you spend time around food, the more you increase the likelihood of you purchasing and snacking on junk.
  2. You don’t have to think about food. Because you already have all the ingredients, you don’t have to think about food! Which in itself protects you from drifting away to unnecessary cravings
  3. The calories of your meals are measured by professionals – so there is no way you are accidentally eating extra!

Now of course, weeks worth of measured, delivered to your door food costs money. But on the other hand, this will be the only money you spend on food! Also very important – you aren’t spending hours in the kitchen and in the supermarket cooking!

How does this work?

You receive to your door a box with everything: ingredients and spices, measured out for every meal, according your preferences and quantity (for example, Keto, no Seafood, for two people). Usually, every meal only takes 15 minutes to prepare, and meal delivery companies provide you with clear and precise instruction on how to prepare the meal that even the worst cook can prepare.

The are many Meal Prep companies, but according to customer reviews, hands down the best for Healthy Weight Loss food is Martha Stewart’s (yes, the famous chef’s) Marley Spoon. It has a 4.5/5 (!) Expert rating, and Meal Plans that adapt to your Dietary needs and Calorie Budget.

Marley Spoon has many options for food, including Keto, Gluten Free, and Vegetarian so everyone can enjoy the freedom of extra time!

Stop engaging in the Consumerist cycle of going to the supermarket and buying junk food you were brainwashed to desire! Free Yourself and Lose Weight Right Now!

How to Earn Money Online by Answering Surveys FROM HOME? Verified and legit.

I know why you are here, and you know why you are here: You are Young, you need Money, and you need it NOW.

Luckily for you, there is a REAL way to go about doing that, without registering your bank info on some shady cheap shiny website that will probably scam the life out you (I’ve been in that place more than enough times), and the answer is surveys.

Disclaimer: I verified many different survey sites, and the ones I present to you were verified to be legit.

How does it Work?

Companies market and sell their products to the general population, but how can they know what the people need and want? If they create a product people don’t need, or even advertise it in a way that is unattractive to the target audience, will cost the company potentially millions of dollars.

This is where YOU come into play. Companies seek out people that belong to different groups to understand their preferences and desires, for example what foods do people from Colorado enjoy or what is important to youths when using a social media site.

The Surveys:

Now to be 100% with you, surveys is not what is going to replace your salary, but if you need some money, it will do the trick. For 3 Surveys, you can earn around 5$

  1. SurveyJunkie: Verified, Trusted Survey site. You can receive your earnings once you reach 5$.
  2. Zoombucks: Zoombucks has other ways to earn money as well, but surveys are one of the best paying ones. Once you reach 3$ you can redeem your money. Some surveys can be worth up to 10$
  3. GCLoot: Aside from Surveys, you can also test try apps or watch videos to earn money. You can redeem your funds after you earn 5$, or transfer them to internet games.
  4. FreeCryptoRewards: Another honest site that really pays. You can redeem your money through a variety of ways, like PayPal and Walmart.

Please, If you want to return me a favor for verifying and presenting to you all these sites please use the links I included to register.

What is the Best Keyword Research tool for Google Ads?

Comparing 4 biggest Keyword research services

In 2022, Google Ads have become the end-all be-all for Affiliates, Online Businesses, and Marketing, and have even become a field of expertise in themselves. The difference between “bidding” on the wrong Keyword or “bidding” the right one might be the difference between having no sales, to having hundreds or thousands of sales.

In that niche, tens of services that offer you Keyword analysis and other SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services exist. But what is the difference between them, and which one is best for a complete beginner in the sphere of internet marketing?

In this article I present the Price, Pros and Cons of 4 biggest keyword research services:

  1. Mangools – Best design and user-friendly!


  1. Design: Mangools has hands down the best design out of all the SEO services, and is very user friendly.
  2. Newbie friendly: They clearly define all the indicators in simple terms, which is amazing for a beginner.
  3. Support: Very helpful tech support, always ready to explain and advise.
  4. Free 10-day trial!


  1. Less options: Because Mangools is very beginner friendly, they lack some very advanced features (that you won’t ever need, unless you are a big marketing agency)

Price: Staring at 29$ monthly

2. Seobility – Only one with a free plan.


  1. Free plan: Although severely lacking, Seobility has a free plan. So if you are on a restricted budget, much research can be done there.


  1. Design: The layout of the platform is confusing for beginners. Clearly the platform is made for professionals, so if you are a beginner you will be like Alice in the Wonderland.
  2. Free plan: The free plan is abridged, so for more advanced keyword researching you might need to pay.

Price: They have a limited free plan, the cheapest paying plan (it is good!) is 50$.

3. Serpstat – Many different languages!


  1. Multiple Languages: Serpstat proposes its SEO services in multiple “rare” languages that their competitors don’t have.
  2. Design: Serpstat has a pretty good design, and a user-friendly interface


  1. Confusing terms: As they don’t explain what some indicators are, it can be confusing for beginners in the field.
  2. Inaccuracy: Some people claim that their “Competitor Website Analysis” feature, that is supposed to show the keywords that attract people to your competitor’s website, is inaccurate.

Price: Starting from 49$

4. Semrush – Biggest fish in the tank


  1. Great quality keyword research, shows you the searcher’s intent behind every search (ex. Commercial = looking to buy things, Informational = research…)
  2. User friendly design
  3. Records that date back to 2012 so you can analyze how your keyword performed over the years.
  4. Great tech support


  1. Semrush layout can be confusing for a beginner, as they have tens of different indicators, the function of which they don’t clearly define.
  2. Price: Very expensive, compared to other options!

Price: Starting at 119$ monthly