Lose Belly Fat Overnight – Is this Possible? How To Do It?

First and foremost, it really depends what kind of “losing belly fat overnight” you are talking about. How much belly fat? Lose entirely? How much time do you have?

So let’s slow down a notch, and discuss this issue. Most likely, you had one too many ice cream sandwiches lately, and developed some belly fat. This is the moment you realize, that tomorrow you have some social venue where you want to look nice, and this belly fat just isn’t fitting the look, and you want to lose it overnight. Correct?

Bad news: This is not going anywhere overnight. Good news, there is still things you can do to make it way less visible.

Start Fasting.

Look, I am not here to make you feel good about yourself, I am here to help you look achieve your goal.

Truth is, if you have less than 24 hours to appear at some social venue, fasting can really help you appear slimmer, and this is why you need to learn a new term – Glycogen. Glycogen is the way your body stores carbs inside your cells – the problem with that is that every gram of glycogen you store attaches itself to 3-4 grams of water, making you look more bloated. Cleansing your body of glycogen will make you look slimmer, as you will lose all the bloat.

I, personally have done this and have noticed a striking change in appearance after one, 24 hour, wet (drinking allowed) fast. So stop consuming food until the event, and enjoy in the meanwhile black coffees, teas, zero-cal sodas… anything without calories.

Wear dark colors and vertical stripes

I am not a fashion blogger, I am a health blogger, okay? But although I can’t directly help you with lose belly fat overnight, using the correct color on your clothes can really help you achieve that look.

This being said, I know that dark colors make you look slimmer than others. Black is a great color for the job, yes, but other unusual colors like dark green, dark blue and others can do the same job without making you look so formal.

Vertical Stripes (ones that go up and down) are also great at this job, “stretching” your body – making you appear taller, and hiding your flaws and extra pounds.

Now that I’ve exceed the amount of lines that I can shamelessly write on a field that is not my area of expertise, I’d advise you to consult this article from Monroe&Main that are way more knowledgeable in fashion

Keto Dietbest diet for losing belly fat.

This is not something that will help you lose fat overnight. But do you really want to forever look in the mirror and not like what you see? Keto is proven to be the best diet for losing specifically belly fat (proof here), as it firstly targets fat cells in your belly.

Aside from that, Keto is a sworn foe of our old friend Glycogen, as this diet doesn’t include carbs. This means that by cleansing your body from Glycogen, you can lose up to 4 pounds in the first couple of days!

Thirdly and most importantly, Keto is delicious. Rice cakes are great, yeah, but I’d much rather eat steaks and salmon, or other protein-rich foods that fit my personal needs. I advice you to go do This simple quiz about your lifestyle and preferences, and get your own Custom Keto Diet Plan, and start changing how you look in the long run.

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