3 Ways to Enjoy Pizza on a Weight Loss Diet

Italy’s greatest gift to the world isn’t Renaissance, Leonardo Da Vinci or the Roman Empire – it’s pizza. However, despite pizza being Italy’s greatest gift to humanity, it can be totally destructive for a weight loss diet. So, can pizza be enjoyed on a weight loss diet? Yes, if you are being mindful about consuming it, and here are 3 ways of doing that.

Include Moderate Amounts

This is one is the trickiest one to do, because it only allows you to eat very limited amounts of pizza, but it allows you to enjoy the real deal, and not some low-cal substitutions. In order to embrace this approach, you need to count your calories, which will allow you to slide some pizza into your caloric “budget”.

This can be tricky, since a slice of plain cheese pizza can be around 300 calories (depending on the kind of pizza you buy) but if you know how many calories you have left in your caloric budget, this can definitely be done.

My advice is for you to only consume it in the evening after you’ve had most of your meals for the day and you have “saved” some for pizza. This will allow you to be in control of calories you consume and to not go overboard.

If you want to increase your caloric expenditure (the amount of calories you burn daily) to eat more pizza, you can take weight loss supplements, but make sure they are scientifically proven to be effective and natural supplements, so they don’t hurt your health and are actually effective. My personal recommendation is Tea Burn supplement, as it is both scientifically proven and natural. Link to Tea Burn

Low-Cal Pizza on a Weight Loss Diet

Okay, some people are going to be disappointed with this one, because it is not quite the real deal. I just cannot simply sit and say “it’s just like the real pizza!”, because it is isn’t, it’s a low cal alternative and you will not get the same effect as you would from a real pizza.

That being said, low calorie pizza alternatives, which there are many, allow you to enjoy pizza on a weight loss diet in way larger quantities than you would by eating regular pizza. And most importantly, low calorie pizza tastes great!

Low-cal pizza’s main concern is replacing the doughy crust as it has many calories, so some alternatives can be cauliflower crust, zucchini crust and some people even swear by chicken crust pizza! (a pizza with a “crust” made of meat does kinda sound weird)

This approach allows you to eat a whole pizza for only 500 calories, which can be easily included into most diets and become a regular weekday meal without “saving” any calories!

Cheat Day

For some reason, the whole topic of “cheat days” is controversial in the nutrition scene, however honestly, I don’t see any problem with it if you do it in a controlled manner. Don’t go “off the rails” and try to stuff your pie hole with everything that enters your line of sight. Know what you are going to eat before hand and just don’t go too overboard.

If you can “save up” on calories before hand – great, if you can’t, it’s also not a problem. A whole pizza is only around 2500 calories, so even if you eat it all alone you can still burn these calories back.

If you want to increase the speed of burning them back, you can do a “cleansing day” after it, but eating fewer calories than usual as you are probably going to be still full from the previous day

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